AAA Womens Forum (AAAWF)

The Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF) is a self-led feminist activist group introduced to continue a movement of change that was initiated by our feminist sisters in the past. The Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF) launched on 14th June 2014.


To advocate for social justice and fight against inequality of all kinds that is affecting our women and young girls with the Asian Australian communities, and to advocate on the relevant issues with our broader community stakeholders.


To translate our vision into action by identifying common issues and concerns such as gender-based violence, workplace exploitation, forced marriage, human trafficking and slavery like practices.

On a broader scale, we aim to work with grassroots, national and international stakeholders to develop tools and frameworks prepared by academic and practice-based strategists to deliver changes on the ground. We have a semi-structured and collective working approach where we consult and engage the community before, during and after working on the projects. For the sustainable futures of this forum, all Conveners provide the platform and encourage our stakeholders to be creative with working strategies and provide accompaniments in our journey of the movement of change. Overall, we are always keen and available to work with the broader multicultural Australian communities to organise, strengthen and grow.

The purpose of the Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF) is to provide a voice and platform for Asian Australian women to discuss issues of concern common among Asian Australian  women. The primary objectives of the Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF) include:

  • AAAWF is a collective of various sub communities covering all Asian Australian communities.
  • It brings about developing common issues so that these are effectively and collectively represented with all sides of government.
  • Via expert panel forums and round tables, the collective leadership in AAAWF develops ongoing policies and makes decisions of action based on the policies and issues.
  • AAAWF believes in a grassroots approaches to informing, educating and advocating, and it goes out to convene consultations with various Asian women and mainstream communities.
  • AAAWF provides a voice and platform for Asian Australian women, which is a powerful and influential base.
  • AAAWF acts on its primary campaigns based on Asian Australian community concerns;

AAAWF has and continues to actively advocate and develop projects on the following issues:

  • Status of Asian Australian women ( domestic violence, advocacy);
  • Lack of political representation in public office and on boards and committees;
  • Asian Australian women and the media;
  • Discrimination;
  • International outreach (networking and creating a worldwide movement of change)
  • Mental Health

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