AAA Young Leaders (AAAYL)

Empowering the youth is imperative in developing the leaders of tomorrow. The Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders (AAAYL) provides opportunities for Asian Australian youth and Asian international students to participate in activities which only enhance their leadership skills and boosts their confidence. Young leaders are able to run consultative committees, seminars, social events, conferences and volunteering events according to what is relevant to their common needs and environment. Young leaders will have the opportunity to be mentored and be provided with professional development opportunities.

The Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders (AAAYL) follows the same principles which the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) follows and provides a platform and voice for the Asian and Asian Australian youth. Whether they are looking to have one of their supporters elected onto the University Student Union Board or whether they are looking to participate in advocacy or voluntary activities, there will be support and mentoring provided to ensure these vision happen.

The following are the current issues taken on by the Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders (AAAYL):

  • University student election participation;
  • Racial discrimination;
  • Student and working rights;
  • Political advocacy and leadership;
  • Charity and voluntary participation;
  • Professional development;