Asian Australian Alliance (AAA)

Established in 2013,  AAA is a collective of various sub communities covering all Asian Australian communities, with the purpose of challenging policies and advocating for change in seeing better diversity and representation of Asian Australians in the mainstream society.

AAA has been the focal point of many national campaigns and has featured in the media on television, radio, print and online. It has recently been web-listed and archived as part of the National Library of Australia’s database for historical research purposes.

The conveners of Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) over the short space of two and half years have reached into a dazzling array of community issues and is already demonstrating the size of its narrative and quality of its partnership into a national infrastructure.

AAA brings about developing common issues so that these are effectively collectivelyrepresented with all sides of government. Through public forums and round tables, the collective leader leadership in AAA develops ongoing policies and makes decisions in regards to these activities and issues. The role of the conveners and their support team is to administrate, manage and facilitate the wishes of the collective leadership by carrying out the decisions of the collective leadership.