The Asian Australian Alliance in Victoria (AAA VIC) was established in late 2015. This formed an important leap for the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) in its national expansion plans and has been a successful feat. May 7, 2016 formed an important date for Asian Australian Alliance in Victoria (AAA VIC’s) formation. This day was also the launch of Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) (and all its affiliate branches) as a national name and peak body for the Asian Australian community.

Since the launch on May 7, which inaugurated both Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) and the Asian Australian Alliance in Victoria (AAA VIC), Victoria has started to run various campaigns focusing on women, youth and the LGBTIQ community. There is a huge focus on looking cultural representation issues in sport, as well as where are Asian Australians in the mainstream media. Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) has also been awarded as the recipient of the “Ambassador Award” from the Victorian Government (Victorian Multicultural Council).

In 2016, Asian Australian Alliance in Victoria (AAA VIC) has worked and networked with many prominent community groups and individuals looking at empowering the Asian Australian community in Victoria. There has also been research and consultations on combating bigotry and working on a domestic violence initiative. These projects and other Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) initiatives will continue into 2017.

If you are living in Victoria and interested in being involved and would like to find out more, please fill in the form on the “Contact Us” page or email the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) on