The Asian Australian Alliance in Western Australia (AAA WA) is the newest branch to be formed as part of the Asian Australian Alliance’s (AAA) national expansion plans. After the official launch of the Asian Australian Alliance in Victoria (AAA VIC), interest in starting up the Asian Australian Alliance in Western Australia sprung up. Former Australian Senator Zhenya Wang was present at the official launch in May 2016, and expressed his support for the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) to grow and work towards becoming a national brand.

Currently, there is a team which has started to organise in Western Australia with aims of holding an inaugural event late 2017, to officially launch the presence in Western Australia. More to come on Western Australia as it develops.

If you are living in Western Australia and interested in being involved and would like to find out more, please fill in the form on the “Contact Us” page or email the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) on