Asian Australian Rainbow Alliance (AAuRA)

The Asian Australian Rainbow Alliance (AAuRA) aims to engage with the Asian Australian LGBTIQ community to look at what are the common issues and working with all other arms of AAA, the Asian Australian community and the mainstream society to become an effective advocacy group to run campaigns, awareness projects and develop action. The current group is run by active members of the Asian Australian LGBTIQ community.

This group will be the first of its kind in Australia, and pierce the cultural acceptance ceiling and hopefully reach out to many other members of the community to participate and be involved.

Like all the other arms of AAA, AAuRA believes in collective leadership principles in action to pursue common goals in a pure grassroots style.

The group has had two consultation meetings and in the most recent meeting in August, these issues were identified during the consultations:

  • Media and Diversity (relevant for all branches of AAA);
  • Leadership within the mainstream LGBTQ community;
  • Sexual racism (relationships – partners and family);
  • Social inclusion (heterosexist, family and domestic violence, cultural, religious discourse);
  • Internalised racism (shame to be Asian, community vs individualism, inviting in the concept);
  • Celebrate the culture (launch, tell stories);
  • Communication and culture of acceptance;