#TakeDownHumansOfSunnyBank Campaign

Hailing from one of the most culturally diverse regions in Brisbane, Queensland, Sunnybank is home to almost 3,000 residents of Asian heritage. The 2011 Census equates this to approximately 35% of the region’s population. Such diversity brings culture, food, families and celebrations, and adds to the success of multicultural Australia.

In an attempt to mock and create an atmosphere of xenophobia and incorrect stereotypes, the Facebook page Humans of Sunnybank (https://www.facebook.com/humansofsunnybank/timeline) has emerged.

Unlike the ground breaking Humans of New York which showed faces which build New York as a cosmopolitan destination and shares enriching human interest stories, Humans of Sunnybank  instead insults and offends by using various incorrect and offensive stereotypes regarding Asian people, and posts it in a fashion  that promotes continued racism.

The global advocacy group, Global Asians for Action and Social Change (GAASC –https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalAsians/) is taking this fight to Facebook, and demands this offensive and harmful page be shut down permanently.

Numerous reports were submitted stating that the offensive page was promoting hate speech and requested Facebook to close down the page. Unfortunately after initial review, Facebook deemed the page as not violating its community standards.

Among many similar examples, how does it not violate community standards when it falsely and inaccurately portrays Chinese as being dog meat eaters with a picture of a block of Cadbury chocolate and a label indicating it contains dog meat?  The same image also insults the English language abilities of Chinese with a crude attempt at mimicking an accent that mispronounces certain words.

Facebook needs to have a deeper evaluation of its community standards and to be a more responsible and conscientious global corporate citizen that understands the differences between where free speech and freedom of expression live and are encouraged, versus when such speech and expression is offensive, incorrect, and is absolutely unacceptable to much of the world’s population (and fully 1/3 of Sunnybank’s residents).

#TakeDownHumansOfSunnyBank has been created for GAASC’s social media campaign to demand Facebook shut down the page.