Global Asians demand Facebook review its Community Standards regarding Humans of Sunnybank #TakeDownHumansOfSunnyBank


Global Asians for Action and Social Change (GAASC) is questioning why Facebook is still refusing to review its Community Standards and shut down the page “Humans of Sunnybank” (HoS). Recent media interest has highlighted the offensive nature of HoS. Moreover, the administrators of HoS have refused to respond to requests and questions from the media.

However, one of the HoS administrators, known as “Chowse Wong”, believed to be the primary admin and creator of the group, infiltrated GAASC seeking validation that HoS’ content was there in good humour and was a satirical take on the daily struggles of being a Chinese Australian. Upon closer inspection of HoS’ page description, it states that

“With genuine first-hand interviews, #HumansOfSunnybank gives a glimpse of Brisbane’s most culturally diverse Asian suburb…”

Misleading Facebook as being a genuine version of Humans of New York, HoS is no more than a collection of offensive stereotypes that makes a mockery of the 3,000 Asian Australian residents whom have made Sunnybank their home.  HoS is a poor attempt to appeal to what its creators believe to be the popular culture, at the expense of the dignity and accurate portrayal of Asians in real life.  This inaccurate portrayal serves no other purpose than to further encourage permission for others to use these stereotypes to bully and spread racial slurs in Australia’s multicultural society. GAASC questions the intentions of the creators of HoS, and seeks Facebook to undertake immediate action to shut down the HoS page for violating Facebook’s Community Standards.

Apparently, the creators and admins of the page find it empowering to label Chinese as dog eaters, to falsely promote that Asian Australians need to be reported to the Immigration Department, and to deride and ridicule “boat people” with a picture of Asian men in a boat made of plastic bottles.

GAASC is appalled that despite attempts at engaging with “Chowse Wong” to discuss changing the content of his page to more accurately portray Asian Australians in positive roles, there has been inaction after he has committed to reviewing the content of HoS.


“GAASC will continue to campaign to have “Humans of Sunnybank” shut down. There is a fine line between satire and being racist. Claiming that Asian Australians eat dogs, cannot drive and should be deported shows the amount of self – hate and internalised racism the creators and administrators of this page have within them. Facebook still refuses to shut the page down and we demand Facebook take a closer look at its own Community Standards”.     —  Erin Chew, GAASC- Australia

A petition has been circulating for the global community to voice their opposition to Facebook’s inaction to shut down the page. It can be found at

GAASC calls on the admins of HoS to meet face to face, to have discussions on why the page is offensive and to share experiences of how the page perpetuates incorrect and offensive stereotypes, and is not in good humour.

Global Asians for Action and Social Change

Twitter:  @gaascfb

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