The ASIAN AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE (AAA) has a focus on developing leaders within the Asian Australian community. Without empowering leadership within and outside of AAA’s ranks, there will be no “movement for change” and AAA will cease to exist. In saying that, AAA will be holding small training sessions (both online and offline ) targeting areas on leadership, empowerment and social advocacy. An example would be AAA conducts online and offline training sessions on how to talk to the media. AAA gets media requests regularly, so to have different faces and different voices is paramount.

Soon, AAA will pin up on the website a schedule of training sessions, which anyone can join with an easy RSVP. All training sessions will be FREE, but we will seek donations from those who participate (from external participants) so that these sessions can keep on running. For now, if you are interested in participating or if you have a training session you would like to deliver for AAA supporters and other Asian Australians, please contact AAA (details on the Contact Us page).