AAAWF Campaigns

The ASIAN AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE WOMEN’S FORUM (AAAWF) was established in 2014 as a means of providing an advocacy platform for all Asian Australian women as well as provide a support network for Asian Australian women to safely discuss sensitive issues impacting on their abilities and capabilities to seize on opportunities.

Since AAAWF’s launch in 2014, there has been a huge focus on looking at issues around domestic violence and assessing whether current services available for both women and multicultural women are adequate in servicing Asian women. This is a long term campaign of AAAWF to see that Asian women are able to access services if and when required. There is also continual dialogue with Asian Australian community leaders in ensuring as leaders they are equipped to be the first point of call if an Asian woman from their community contacts them about being abused. The purpose of this campaign is also to look at awareness and information spreading about issues around domestic violence and how this is an issue which affects Asian Australian women.