AAA Inaugural Launch – June 2013

AAA held its inaugural launch on this day and was joined by up to 140 community leaders, individuals and politicians. The purpose of the launch was for the community leaders to show case the contributions of their community to Australian society and highlight some of the ongoing issues facing their community.
Community leaders from the Chinese, Indian Sub-Continent, Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean came together to support this event, and key community leaders from these communities represented and spoke on their community’ behalf.
The then Parliamentary Secretary of the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, The Hon. Ed Husic addressed the event, highlighting the importance of Asian Australian communities, their contributions and the relevance of AAA.
Michelle Rowland who made representations in Parliament about the need for a statement of regret from Federal Parliament for the injustices caused by the White Australian Policy also addressed the event discussing the work she has done as well as the achievements that the Asian Australian community has contributed to change the Australian landscape.