We Are Creating A Network Of Asian Australian Events: SUBMIT YOURS NOW

An initiative of the ASIAN AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE in 2017 is to create a network of events happening across Australia. It is high time that we as Asian Australians support all types of events, which can include: workshops, screenings, talks, forums, performances, exhibitions etc. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure we support each other and that we are more than just talk – but we also walk the walk.

The only qualification is that a submitted event needs to be created/coordinated by an Asian/Asian Australian and needs to somehow fit with the theme of promoting being Asian Australian. No matter how big or small your event is, we want to hear about it. The plan is to promote the event and using our public profile to provide it more exposure. 

To submit your event you can either email us all the details (including all event promotional materials) to: info@asianaustralianalliance.com or you can contact us via Facebook at: Asian Australian Alliance.